Open-Source Projects

I sometimes solve some daily issues with tools that I then post online, mostly in Python. These are small tools that scientists might find useful day to day.

  • nob, the Nested OBject manipulator. Makes your life easier if you’re working with nested dicts / lists (or deep json/yaml files) a lot.
  • h5nav, a shell-like interactive navigator to poke around an hdf5 file.
  • unstructured-adjacency, a tiny helper to gather / scatter data in an unstructured mesh efficiently with scipy.

I also contribute as a Python advisor to many open-source projects at CERFACS, visible on our gitlab page.


Some of the talks I gave are available online in pdf and sometimes recorded as videos.

  • 2020
    • September 15 at University of Twente: video
    • January 27 at CORIA: pdf
  • 2019
    • October 1 at IMFT: pdf
    • September 12 at Ter@tec: pdf
    • June 27 at DL4ESS: pdf, video
    • June 18 at Météo-France: pdf
    • June 14 at SimHydro: pdf
    • June 13 at CEMEF: pdf, video
    • February 7 at Toulouse Inderdisciplinary group on Deep Learning (TIDLE): pdf
    • January 29 for the SUCCESS Workshop: pdf
  • 2018
    • December 10 at Météo France - CNRM: Learning for physical modeling pdf
    • November 15 at CERFACS: DataScience Meetup pdf
    • November 14 at HiFiLeD Symposium - Brussels: Replacing a sub-grid closure model with a trained deep convolutional neural network pdf
    • July 20 at Stanford: CTR Summer Program Final pdf
    • June 25 at Stanford: CTR Summer Program Kickoff pdf
    • June 13 at Météo France: DataScience discussion pdf
    • May 18 at CERFACS: DataScience Meetup pdf
    • February 28 at CERFACS: DataScience Meetup pdf
    • January 8 at IMFT: FTF in Industrial configurations pdf
  • 2017
    • June 27 at CERFACS: Deep Learning for CFD users talk pdf
  • 2015
    • September 18 : Ph.D. Defense: Numerical study of flame stability, stabilization and noise in a swirl-stabilized combustor under choked conditions. video
    • April 22 at ICNC - Avignon: Acoustically induced vortex core flashback in a staged swirl-stabilized combustor pdf